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Terms and conditions

This ACCOUNT AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is made by and between Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC, its affiliates, and the Client on the date first written below (the “Effective Date”). This agreement shall be for the purchase, sale and storage of various precious metals. This includes without limitation bullion bars and coins, semi-numismatic coins and other products that Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC may present to Client at a future time.

Client agrees to satisfy all payments for precious metals and other relevant products purchased as well as expenses incurred for shipping, storage and any other related expenses. Client is also responsible for any other cost imposed by any government or jurisdiction in taxing or assessments relating to precious metals or other products purchased from Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC.
If sufficient payment is not received by Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC within (5) business days of Client purchase, Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC may at their discretion cancel the Client’s order and dispose of the specific metals or numismatic coins/ semi-numismatic or digital coins acquired for the specific client purchase without notification, unless required by law to do so. Client will be responsible for any associated cost of disposal including any loss Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC may have incurred as a result of Client’s non-payment.
Products purchased from Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC will be delivered to Client via ground shipment to Client’s address within twenty-eight days (28) of receipt and verification of client funds. Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC will insure all products sent to Client. It will be the sole responsibility of the Client to notify Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC within five (5) days of any lost or damaged goods that occur during shipment to Client. Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC will replace any damaged product and will be responsible for product (including loss) until product is delivered to Client’s shipping address. Client must keep in their possession all original packaging, provide any documentation regarding loss, and agree to cooperate with Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC during process of remedying Client concerns. Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC may, at its discretion, charge a fee for shipping of product to Client whose shipping address is on file Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC.
All sales are final and not subject to cancellation unless the state in which the client resides provides for otherwise. An Addendum outlining other disclosures will be provided to client as part of the documentation process.
Approved product returns will be allowed providing the following conditions are met: a) quality of the specific coin has been compromised or damaged in shipping or b) the product grade is in dispute. Client shall insure that numismatic or bullion product has not been opened or tampered with in anyway. Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC reserves the right to replace the disputed product or allow the client to upgrade to a different numismatic or bullion providing the client agrees to pay the difference between the previous purchase price and the higher value being substituted. All disputes or client concerns as to precious metals must be made with fifteen (15) days of delivery. Client agrees to be responsible for the inspection of the product for each delivery and insure its condition and quality.
The price of any non-digital metal coin includes spread, which is defined as: the difference between ask and bid. (“Spread”) The “Ask” is the Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC selling price and the “Bid” is what Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC is willing to pay for the specific coin. The Spread percentage and amount will vary by particular coin. This differential can also vary over time. Currently Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC spread on coins and bullion bars that move in harmony with spot price of the particular precious metal is maximum ten percent (10%). The spread on semi-numismatic coins and numismatic coins is twenty percent (20%). Currently, the average Spread is fifteen percent (15%). Please note these are only general ranges and are subject to change without notice. Actual product Spreads may be higher or lower on any given transaction. Patriot Wealth Marketing LLC wants to impress upon the Client the understanding that numismatic coins carry a premium value often much higher than the content of actual precious metal.