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Patriot Wealth USA was founded by experienced precious metals specialists with a single goal - to make precious metals investing simple, accessible, and affordable.

Unlike other companies, Patriot Wealth USA does not advertise on television or using expensive celebrity endorsements. This allows us to pass the savings on to our clients.

Patriot Wealth USA has built relationships with the nation's largest precious metals suppliers to bring you certified, investment grade precious metals either delivered directly to you safely and securely, or held on deposit in a selfdirected IRA depository of your choice.

Our Core Values
Patriot Wealth USA believes in time-tested principles of business.
  • Honor
  • Integrity
  • Hard work
  • Great pricing
  • Exceptional customer service.
What our Clients Say
At Patriot Wealth USA, we combine our expertise with straight forward, no-hassle purchasing and investment. Here's what our happy clients have to say:

My wife and I were looking for an alternative to our IRA. The in depth guide was very helpful and we now have our account happily set -up.

Richard, 70

As a newbie to precious metals investment, I wanted a combination of quality and value for money. Patriot Wealth offered excellent bullion rates in comparison to some of the competition. When I needed advice on purchasing a large amount at checkout, their support team were more than happy to help and were really quick to get back to me.

Alan, 26

Really easy to purchase, arrived the next week. Will use again.

Debbie, 34